Sunday, July 6, 2014

The 52 Week Money Challenge (Weeks 51 & 52 Update)

Week 51 - June 27, 2014
Week 51 - July 04, 2014

Current Savings : $1378

(Image courtesy of: - I'm just adding the red check marks as I go along.

I just made the last installment (deposit?) a couple of days ago. *Cue in the confetti, applause, and the celebratory music.*

Aaaahhhh!!! I am now $1378 richer!!! But not for long since I am probably going to use that money to pay down one my credit cards. :/

I may change my mind on what I will be doing with the money since I won't be touching it until this Friday, July 11. I want the last $52 to sit with the rest of the money for at least a week before I give it all away. :(

Now that this has ended, what have I learned?

1.) I am capable of saving. There were times that this was hard particularly towards the end when I was putting away about $200 a month. But I was able to somehow make my budget work, which brings me to...

2.) I am capable of budgeting. Or at least prioritizing and moving my money around to meet the financial goals for the month. This was actually very eye opening to see how much money I have (or do not have) for the fun stuff. I still have a lot to learn. Newbie, right here...

3.) I am capable of committing. So many jokes, but I am not going there. I started this project with the hubster and the siblings, but I am the only one who stuck through it. Props to me! I can commit and follow through!
Sidenote: I know I have been slacking on my photography project, Project 365, but after this I am once again motivated.
(In my defense, I have kept up with the picture taking... for the most part... I just got a little lazy posting them. But I promise I will. In fact, I give myself two weeks to be caught up in everything Project 365 related. There. Now that I blogged about it, I can't break that promise. LOL.)

4.) If I put my mind to it, I can achieve it. Because of the amount of debt I had acquired over the years, it seems like my goal of financial independence seems unattainable. But completing this project gives me hope. I know it will take time, and it won't always be easy or pleasant, but I know that I will get there...

...which is why I will probably be using this money towards paying down my debt. I know most people do this so that at the end they can use the money to splurge on something they really want (Hello, Chanel bag!), but the truth is I can't think of anything practical I want to use this on. Throughout this last year, I learned to be more practical when it comes to spending. So, no... I won't be going on a shopping spree with this money (or anytime soon).

I could put it in my savings account but I would rather use it towards my debt. Plus, now that I know that I have the discipline to put money aside for the sake of saving, I will be doing this on a regular basis. Actually, my sisters, friends and I are starting another one similar to this, so even though this particular project is ending, another one will be starting.

On that note, Good bye 52 Week Money Saving Challenge! It was a pleasure and I will miss you. Maybe I'll see you again in the future. :)

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