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I decided to compile a list of my D.I.Y. (yarn related) projects here.

Some of these items are available for sale at my etsy store -

If you like a particular item and don't see it in my shop, please send me a message via etsy. You can also do this by clicking the "Request Custom Order" button, which you can find in the sidebar of my store, or by clicking here. You can also send me an email at

Beanies and Hats:
Superhero/Character Inspired Beanies

The Hulk Inspired Beanie

Toadette Inspired Beanie

Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Inspired Beanie

Thor Inspired Beanie

Loki Inspired Beanie

Spider-Man Inspired Beanie

TMNT Convertible Beanie

 Animal/Item Inspired Beanies

Owl Beanie

Cat Beanie

Cupcake Beanie

Slouchy Beanies

Studded Slouch Camo Beanie

The "Serene" Beanie

The "Abby" Beanie

Studded Slouch Beanie

Slouchy Beanie (Knit)

Slouchy Beanie (Knit)

Slouchy Beanie (Knit)

Slouchy Beanie (Knit)

Slouchy Beanie (Knit)

Slouchy Beanie (Knit)

Slouchy Beanie (Crochet)

Beanies with Earflaps

Beanie with Earflaps Ver. 1

Beanie with Earflaps Ver. 2

Beanie with Earflaps Ver. 2

Balaclavas/Ski Masks

Convertible Balaclava

Newsboy Caps/Hats

Cabled Newsboy Cap (Knit)

Cabled Newsboy Cap (Knit)


Scarves and Cowls:

Hooded Cowl (Crochet)

Hooded Scarf (Knit)

Hooded Scraf (Knit)



Fingerless Gloves (Knit)

Fingerless Gloves (Crochet)

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