Hi, my name is Pamela Joyce, a New Yorker who loves to eat, read, and shop. I am mainly of Filipino and Chinese descent, so I do love my rice. I also love arts and crafts, and anything related to... arts and crafts. I am a sucker for anything with studs and spikes, and anything D.I.Y. My mom is known as the "crafty" one between my parents, but I got my creativity and craftiness from both my mom and dad. I am a Virgo, which means I am a perfectionist, but not in the same sense that most Virgos are known for. I just like things done my way, and would (most likely) throw temper tantrums when they aren't.

I especially love to knit and crochet. I am a self-taught knitter (thank you very much) who can read knitting and crochet patterns, but chooses to construct from scratch. What can I say? I like the challenge.

My weaknesses include (but are not limited to): Ferrero Rocher chocolates, cheesecakes, 80's teen movies, crime shows, yarn, makeup, shoes, pugs, and Wilson Bethel. (Orlando Bloom used to be my main man, but I had to cut him loose when he married the beautiful Miranda Kerr. Who can compete with that???)

I also play the violin. Music moves me. I have an appreciation for all music genres, and listen to different ones depending on my mood. However, if you browse through my iPod, you will notice that I have a soft spot for anything rock. Live (band) music gets me "high." I am one of those people, who wish that my life comes with a soundtrack- I honestly believe that it will make everything better... more dramatic.

I first started blogging years ago (through a different hosting site - remember Xanga?). I found it to be very therapeutic. It was a form of release, a way to vent without having to talk the ears off my family and friends. Fast forward to now, and I am once again back in the blogosphere. I enjoy it now as much as I enjoyed it then.

This is not just a blog about knitting/crocheting, although it may seem like it because I do love my needles and yarn. I like to think of it as a lifestyle blog. This is a blog about life... my life... and everything that comes with it.

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