Thursday, July 21, 2011

Previous Knitted Projects...

As I am so behind in updating this, I am now going to overwhelm you with blog updates and pictures...  I've decided to break them up in separate entries since there will be quite a few pictures involved. This post will be on some of the knitting projects I have finished... Enjoy!

WARNING: Photo Overload!

Black Hooded Scarf (Knitted)

Gray and Green Striped Hooded Scarf (Knitted)

Striped Beanies and a Black Cabled Newsboy Cap (All Knitted)

Cabled Newsboy Cap in Green and Brown (Knitted)

Purple, Gray, and Black Slouchy Beanie (Knitted)

Pink Cupcake Beanie! (Knitted)

Convertible Black Balaclava: also known as a ski mask/helmet liner (Knitted)
Can be worn in 4 ways (clockwise from top left): 1. as a ski mask, 2. as a beanie and a cowl together, 3. as beanie alone, 4. as a cowl alone

See you in the next entry!

-Pamela Joyce

1 comment:

  1. Hi. Pamela. Where did you get your pattern for the convertible black balaclava? I have been searching for one for sometime. Thanks, Coleen


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