Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Goals and Financial Update

So back in July, I started making myself little goals. I am proud to say that I have met those goals, so I have decided to add another to the list:

Goal # 1 - Lose 5 lbs by August 09, 2013
     I should probably aim for this again. I have achieved my weight goal since, but I am sure I have gained some lbs. back due to recent celebrations and pigging out sessions. I honestly have not weighed myself so I do not know how much I have gained (or not), but I really should so I can assess the damage. LOL.

Goal # 2 - Pay off two of my credit cards by August 31, 2013

Goal # 3 - Organize all my receipts and documents by July 23, 2013
     I am not going to lie... Since achieving this goal, I have accumulated quite a few more receipts, although they are stored in a more organized manner than they normally would have been. I really should think about investing in a Neat Scanner though...

Goal # 4 - Pay off one more credit card by October 29, 2013 (3 months)

Goal # 5   Pay off one more credit card by February 28, 2014 (NEW!)

I really hope to achieve Goal # 5 sooner than that, but the holidays are just around the corner so it will be difficult to save and put a little more towards paying off my debt. To be honest, paying this particular credit card off by the end of February may not be realistic at all, but I am still hoping to do it. *Crossing my fingers...

The last few weeks have been really hectic for me... Needless to say, I have abused my body by giving it no rest, and now it had finally decided to shut down on me. I am actually sick as I am writing this. It's weird though... My body feels like it has the flu, but my head does not. I know that does not make sense, but that's how I feel. My whole body feels weak and achy, and I get the shivers, but my head is alert, not groggy at all, the way I usually would feel when I have the flu. It's like it's just my body that is sick. I am physically sick. It really feels like I have the flu, but my mom thinks it's just exhaustion, which it could very well be...

Hopefully, I will be back to normal after a couple of days of rest. I still have a lot to do, and a lot to blog about, like the time Orlando Bloom and I locked eyes. Oh yes, we did... But that's for another time. LOL.



  1. So proud that you're able to cross those off your list! I hope you meet goal #5! Keep at it! :)


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