Thursday, April 3, 2014

The "Serene" Beanie

 This particular (blue) beanie was knitted over a year ago, I just never got around to taking pictures until about a month and a half ago. I call this beanie "Serene" because the first person I ever made this beanie for (besides myself) was my co-worker whose middle name is Serine. I knitted hers about three to four months ago- hers was a maroon colored one, which I wish I took a picture of. :/

I used a cable needle to achieve the "ruffled" design. Honestly, it was a straight forward basic cable stitch pattern- very easy to do!

Anyway, I am still not over how the How I Met Your Mother series ended. I would rant about it here, but that will just get me more upset. Just search #HIMYMFinale on Twitter, all the negative reviews you read will pretty much sum up how I feel. It's like the Sookie Stackhouse novels debacle again! Ugh. I can't... I just can't.


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