Monday, February 9, 2015

Blast From the Past: The One With the Big Orange Couch

If you are a Friends fanatic, just like I am, you will get the title...

This past October, for two weeks, Central Perk, came to New York City for the show's 20th Anniversary. And being such big fans of the show, we just had to go.

So, on Sunday, October 12, 2014- the last day of the weekend that Central Perk was to be opened, we decided to head out there. The line was BLOCKS long, and we waited for HOURS, but it was all worth it the moment our butts hit the very spot hit by the cast members' butts. It was all worth it


We also made friends. :) We met like-minded, fun people who were willing to sacrifice a few hours of their time just to spend a few minutes in the presence of that precious, orange throne.

It would have been better if the whole cast was there, but they were understandably too busy to have coffee with us mere mortals. Can you just imagine it though... having coffee with them? I would definitely talk to "Ross" about how much "Geology Rocks." Or I'd ask him to give me lessons on the importance of "Unagi."

Oh, Ross... LOL.


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