Monday, May 14, 2012

Photoblog for April (04.06.12 to 04.08.12)

As I had mentioned in my previous entry, I was going to do a blog entry with a compilation of pictures and events that took place this past April. However, while I was going through all the pictures, I realized that there were just too many pictures to put in one blog. So I'm just going to do it by weekend.

This photo dump will be about the first weekend of April...

April 6, 2012 to April 8, 2012

That Friday was my second year (boyfriend/girlfriend) anniversary with Elo. Yes, we still celebrate that! LOL. And to celebrate, we decided to double date and hit up Le Poison Rouge in NYC with our friends, Louie and Carla.

Oh, and I know that Friday is a weekday... But in my book, the weekend starts the second you clock out of work. :)

(Photos taken with my Canon PowerShot SD940 IS.)


The next day, Elo had his second ink session with his tattoo artist, Philip (of Philip Styx Tattoo Inc. in Queens, NY). I, myself, am itching to get another one done! Hopefully, this summer... I already have three in mind... :)

Catching up on my knitting/orders while the hubby gets inked...

LEFT: in progress, RIGHT: still in progress but done for the day


That Sunday (April 8) was Easter... We didn't really do anything much except go to church... Years ago, we'd go to my aunt's house and have the egg hunt and celebrate. I guess we've outgrown that... LOL.


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