Thursday, May 17, 2012


With summer fast approaching, people have been posting before and after losing weight photos of themselves. If I did that, it'll be the opposite. I came across old pictures of myself, and I am now motivated to lose the 15 "happy" lbs. that I have gained since being with the man. LOL. Yes... ever the procrastinator that I am, leave it to me to wait one month before summer to actually think about losing weight. I'll even be satisfied if I lose just 10 lbs since I don't want to be too skinny anyway. I saw pictures when I weighed around 105 lbs, and I did not like how skinny my face looked. I just want to fit into my old clothes damn it! LOL.

So here are the goals:

1. Go back to the gym - I actually miss going to the gym. I know this is going to be challenging time-wise, since I'm usually knitting (filling orders) as soon as I get home from work until I go to bed. But I am motivated now... I just need to convince one, or both, of my sisters (or my best friend) to be my gym partner. The husband is so diligent about going that it makes me feel like a complete fat ass. Who wouldn't? He goes to the gym at least 3 times per week while I sit on my ass, catch up on my shows, knit, and snack! Which brings me to goal # 2...

2. Cut out junk food -  I love to snack, and I do mean I love to snack! And it's usually not the healthy kind... Chocolates, donuts, danishes, cake, ice cream,  gummy candies just to mention a few... I need to either cut way back on those, or at least, replace my snacks with healthier, less fattening options. I need to seriously control my cravings... I am a bit of a control freak so there should be no problem with that... right?

3. Drink plenty of water -  More water in your belly means less room for junk food to fit... and you'll feel full faster when eating. I definitely do not drink the required amount per day. Now is a good time to start... :)

4. Eat in moderation - YES! The way I eat you'd think that it was my last meal! I need to learn to stop eating when I am full. Before I start to feel full would be better! LOL. I read somewhere that multitasking while eating is a big no-no since your brain doesn't register that you're full right away... Your brain, I guess, is too busy doing other stuff that... and maybe it's a prioritizing thing on how important the things you are doing are... but it ignores your stomach until the last possible second. Plus, if you're not doing other stuff while eating, you're able to savor and enjoy the meal better, which means the meal will leave you and your stomach more satisfied, which means less snacking later...? (Something like that... It's all science, really... LOL.) Anyway, I am very guilty of this. I almost always multitask when eating. I hate the feeling that I am wasting time, and that's how I feel when I'm eating and not doing something else, like reading or watching t.v. I find it funny that I feel that way since I am a self proclaimed procrastinator... Maybe I just need to...

5. Manage my time better - Another YES! If I get a handle on this, I'd be able to go to the gym everyday (right...) and still have time to do my knitting. Plus, I'd have time to do my other crafts, read, clean, and go out and chill! Think of the endless possibilities! LOL. But seriously, I do need to manage
my time better. First step: buy a planner! Or just take advantage of  the calendar feature on my phone...

I am so excited! And now that I have written this down, it makes it almost official. Like I need to follow through with this, or the blogging community will come after me and tie me to a stake. Who wants that? LOL.

Well, today is Thursday, May 17, 2012... Day 1 starts now... let's see what I can accomplish today... Wish me luck!


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