Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The 52 Week Money Challenge

To help me save, I've enlisted my sisters and the hubby to do this challenge with me.

What is it?
A simple way to save money. I won't have a boat load of money at the end, but it's still extra cash. Plus, I am mostly doing this to condition myself to put away a little money every week. It's starts off small, which I think is great! If I do it this way, I have a higher chance of completing (than quitting) this challenge.

How does it work?
I have to save the dollar amount of whatever week I am in. For example, I have to save $1 for Week 1, $2 for Week 2, $3 for Week 3, and so on... It'll be $52 for Week 52. By the end of this challenge, I should have $1378.

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Oh yes, I am dead serious about saving and being frugal. Can you tell? LOL.

On a different note, I was able to catch up on my reading recently. And of course, first up on my list was Dead Ever After, the thirteenth and final installment in the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I don't want to spoil it for the others who have yet to read it, but I am disappointed with it. Actually, halfway through, I was very tempted to just stop reading. But I invested (money and time) in the other twelve novels, and I felt I owe it to the characters, whom I have grown to love, to finish it. I was (still am) disappointed with the main and sub plots of this particular installment. And of course, even though I saw it coming, I was still disappointed that Sookie did not end up with the one I was hoping she would. (If you know me, you know who I'm referring to.) The ending, and how she tried to tie everything up, just didn't make that much sense to me... There were a lot of inconsistencies. The writing felt sloppy and rushed. In addition to the book being very anti-climatic, the author pretty much murdered all the characters. She just didn't seem to care any more. After all that the characters (and I) have been through from Book One to Twelve, this book was a big -please excuse my language- F*CK YOU to the characters and the readers. That's what it was. I will just leave it at that.

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On a good note, the ending wasn't concrete so who knows...? Actually, Charlaine Harris is coming out with another book, After Dead: What Came Next in the World of Sookie Stackhouse, so there is still hope. Although it is not a novel, I may still get the ending I want. From what I understand, it will just list all the characters of the book and what happened to them in the future. I am considering buying it... (Even though I probably shouldn't since, clearly, the author seems to have lost all care for the characters, and her readers... Maybe I'll just borrow it from the library then. LOL.) And yes, I am crossing my fingers that I will still somehow get the "H.E.A." I want. :)



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