Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thor Beanie (Knit and Crochet)

I actually started (and almost finished) this around the time I made the Loki Beanie. But before I could sew the wings on to the beanie, I misplaced the beanie. Seeing the Thor 2 movie trailer, I was motivated to work on this project again, and I decided to just start from scratch. The beanie and the wings were inspired by/based on several photos I've seen on the internet.

The beanie was knitted, using a light (heather) gray yarn. The "silver" yarn I found was just not thick enough to my liking. I crocheted the wings using white yarn, and hand sewn it to the beanie.

(Sorry for the low quality photos. I was too lazy -and too excited- to take decent ones...)

Thor v. Loki? I have a soft spot for "bad" boys, so Team Loki all the way! (Also, because I find Tom Hiddleston hot!)



UPDATE: November 06, 2013

The Thor and Loki beanies are now available for sale at www.charmed.etsy.com. :)


  1. Awesome hats! I'm so proud of you! Love you!

  2. Hi do you by chance sale the instructions for the wings I'd like to make this for my grandson thanks sharon


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