Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Studded Slouch Beanie

This has got to be my favorite beanie at the moment... after the Loki Beanie, of course! :)

It is so me- studs, skulls and all! I am thinking of adding them to my etsy store, but I am probably going to use different studs. Right now, I am still working on stocking up my store so I have been knitting non-stop. 

I am also thinking of adding stitch markers to my inventory...

Bows and skulls, of course! LOL. These can fit up to US 15 (10 mm)needles... What do you think? Should I start selling them too?



  1. i love the studded beanie! i want one! LOL but with manly design haha

  2. I love it!!! Btw...your skin looks flawless! Totally jealous! I guess I should get started with my Clarisonic! Lol


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