Saturday, February 8, 2014

Studded Slouch Camo Beanie

Because I loved the last (studded) beanie I knitted so much, I decided to make another version. For this one, I decided to use pyramid studs instead of the random ones I used on my last one. I figured since I will be selling these, I need to use studs that I will have an easier time acquiring. For the last beanie, I pretty much just used studs collected throughout the last couple of years.

This Studded Slouch Camo Beanie will be available in two sizes - XS/SM and MD/LG. The studs are available in 3 colors - gold, silver and gunmetal, which are the ones on the beanie I was wearing in the picture. Please visit if interested.

The studs are available in gold, silver, and gunmetal.



Photo Credit: Phoebe and Me :)


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