Friday, May 15, 2015

Fit Girl Friday: Update

Weekly Weigh in: -0.4 lbs. (16.2 more lbs. to go!)

My sister, Phoebe, gave me this idea to do "Fitness Friday" but since I'm not really a fitness buff, I felt that the title may be misleading. I'm just going to stick to "Fit Girl." I still feel like it doesn't deserve to be called that, but I feel that it is more fitting...

I've been good so far this week... I'm not on full blown diet mode when it comes to eating, but I have cut down on the amount I eat. I've also been more on top of drinking more water. Granted I haven't drank the required 64 oz. per day, but I drink about 60 oz. My bladder is not happy. LOL.

As for exercising... I've gone biking almost everyday. I should mention that I just ride around the block a couple of times, but again, this is an improvement to what I had been doing when I got home from work, which is to go straight to the refrigerator, eat, sit on my ass, eat, watch T.V, eat, play Summoners War, and eat some more! LOL.

I've been borrowing Phoebe's bike... I can't wait to get my own! The hubs is buying me one, hopefully, this weekend. He wants us to do trails and stuff. I don't know if I'm up to do that yet since it's been years since I seriously rode, but I am willing to try. :)

What kind of bike should I get?


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