Friday, May 22, 2015

Fit Girl Friday: Week Two Update

Weekly Weigh in: -1.8 lbs. (14.8 more lbs. to go!)

(I lost another 1.4 lbs this week... Surprising, considering I probably could have eaten much better. I didn't overeat, but I didn't steer away from junk food either. I probably would have lost more had I just stuck to the "diet.")

I have finally thought of a name for my bike... Stella! So, Stella and I have been bonding a lot this week. Although I didn't ride every day, I have been riding longer distances, which includes hills. Those hills, even the smaller ones that probably shouldn't even be called that, have been giving my legs a workout. I've always thought that I have killer, diesel calves, but man, they burned after each ride!

I have lost over 1 lb in one week, which were most likely all water weight, because I sweated like a mofo those times I went biking. I enjoyed every single second of it though. I'm also more confident and steadier on the bike than I had been last week, but I still have a way to go if I want to hit up some serious bike trails.

I am easily gaining my confidence on the bike back thanks to the hubs and my friend, Nikki. Nikki and I are both pretty much noobs, but she is way more in shape and braver than I am. She encourages me, and pretty much cheers me on, when I start to hesitate or get tired. She will also be hitting the trails with us once we're ready for it. We were thinking of going to a park this weekend, but I remembered that we have things to do around the house, which may take the whole weekend. We can still, however, ride around the neighborhood if time and weather permit it.

Riding, or exercising in general, is better with a friend. Not only does it make it more fun, your friend can also provide moral support when you need it. They will also push you beyond your current limit without putting you in harm's way.

If you start to find that exercising is becoming too "hard," or too much of a bore, try doing it with a friend. You'll see the difference... Just choose wisely. Don't choose someone who is more unmotivated than you, or your trips to the gym can easily turn to trips to IHOP!


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