Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pammy Had a Little Lamb...

Last night, we decided to get Planet Wings for dinner. I was excited because I wanted to get the beef gyro. All was going well, until I ordered, and the guy said, "One more beef and lamb gyro?"

Okay, anyone who knows me knows I only eat two types of meat- pork and beef. I eat pretty much any seafood, except for shrimp since I'm allergic to them. I do not eat any type of poultry. Yes, that includes chicken... And I most certainly do not eat goat or lamb.

"No, I want just the BEEF gyro please."

"Yes, it's BEEF... but with a little lamb in it."

Whaaaaaaat??? I told the guy that I wish he had never told me that. He insisted that the gyro is good. I told him that I knew that, I've had it plenty of times before, I just wish he didn't tell me it had lamb in it. He was totally messing with my psyche. It was like getting Christmas gifts from Santa Claus while knowing he isn't real. Getting the present from "Santa" (the gyro) is still good, but the magic (my love/craving for it) is not there anymore.

I still ended up ordering it because I didn't know what else to order, plus, I knew it tasted good. I thought maybe... just maybe... this time... it wouldn't matter that it had a little lamb in it. I couldn't even finish half of it! In the past, one was never enough. I always wanted more. I thought I couldn't finish it because my stomach had somehow shrunk from "dieting" and exercising. I didn't think much more of it last night... until a half hour ago.

I decided to eat the left over for lunch. It was a struggle. I had to mentally psych myself to bite in to it. I just kept reminding myself how much I love the white Tahini sauce. I did finish it, but I was pretty much gagging with each bite. I'm still gagging as I'm writing this.

Does this mean beef gyros and I are breaking up? As good as the Planet Wings' "beef" gyros taste, we still need to break up. But I honestly do not know if that's the end of all beef gyros for me. I guess as long as they don't have any lamb in them, they might still be okay. There's a local diner that serves beef gyros, which I usually get when I am there for work meetings. I guess I won't know until I'm back there.

UGH! I need something to wash this down. Thank goodness the Pheebster is making waffles!


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  1. LOL. I love the title of this post! It's so appropriate!


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