Monday, May 18, 2015

The New Girl on the Block

Meet the new babe...

The hubby got me my bike! It's the Specialzed Myka, which is good for a noob, like me. Okay, I'm not really a newbie. I have ridden before, but I will be new on the trails, which is what we are aiming for me to do. I just haven't seriously ridden a bike in years.

I was a beast on the bike back then. Okay, so maybe not a beast, but more than decent. I was an intermediate, if we were putting labels. I had a BMX, which was a hand-me-down from my brother, and I loved it! I was a tomboy growing up, and I had no fear in my heart! I wish I can say the same today, but the fear is there. I grew up, and along with the grown up responsibilities, came the fear... The fear of pain, the fear of embarrassing myself, the fear of breaking something useful, like my wrist, arms and legs. LOL.

Why couldn't I just stay the same fearless, carefree girl? Honestly, I probably would have accomplished more had I stayed the same. I don't just mean with doing physical things, but with life in general... You know what you want, and you just go for it, regardless of whether you might fail or get hurt. Not that I don't go for what I want, but I struggle with the struggle of actually getting it... The endless over thinking of how to go about it, the over analyzing of each step, and of course, the what if's. Why couldn't I just get on with it, much like how I got on my bike when I was 10(?) years old, and just did it. I just pedaled into the sunset like a heroine in a movie. Yeah, just like that. :)

But back to more pressing matters... I need a name for my bike. LOL. I've been staring at her, and trying to think of a name that suits her. She looks like a "Myka," but it feels like a cop out since that is the style name. Maybe if I stare at her a little longer, it will come to me... eventually.

I can't wait to ride her again!


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