Monday, May 11, 2015

Fit Girl: Week One

Goal weight to lose: 16.6 lbs. (Yes, the points count...)

Last post, I talked about my goal to lose weight. I had somewhat started,  but I did hit a snag (already???) this past weekend. Friday night, the hubs and I went to Joe's Crab Shack to celebrate our anniversary, and of course, there was Mother's Day... (Belated Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there!) Needless to say, I overate. But Saturday was spent culling the garage. It was a workout! I'm ashamed to say that we haven't cleaned out the garage, in that way, in ages. My body ached in places I didn't know could ache from just cleaning. I may, or may not have lost weight that way, but I did feel emotionally lighter from getting rid of all the stuff we've hoarded through the years. We are not quite done... Probably, about 75% to 80% done. It's hard to purge when you have other people's stuff to worry about.

Getting back to fitness and losing weight, this was how motivated I was: I wanted to go cycling yesterday, even though I was in physical pain. Did I go cycling? No, the hubster didn't want to put air in my sister's bike tires. He was too sore. LOL. (But he did promise to buy me my own bike.) The point of this story is that the "will" was there, I just didn't quite get around to executing it. I am three steps closer though to being "fit." The first step is the acknowledgment that I needed to get in shape. The second, is the plan, which I have and will list below... The third, is to get the mental willpower because let's face it, that's probably harder than the physical for some people. The fourth is to do it, and the fifth is to stick with it. LOL.

To motivate me some more, I am currently reading Fit Girl's Guide: The 28 Day Jumpstart. I probably won't follow the book to a tee because I am a rebel, but I am getting a lot of good suggestions and ideas. If you are thinking of getting in shape, start with this e-book. It gets right to the point, and it is very easy to read. They also have other books, which I will probably get.

So here are my plans to get my "Fit Girl" on:

1. Eat in moderation - I do not plan on starving myself, but I do plan on watching and limiting what I eat. I will also try to eat healthier. This will probably be the toughest for me since I love food. There are ways to do this, like cutting off carbs, counting calories, or getting those containers that are made to limit what you consume. I do not know which method I will be using, but probably a combination of counting calories, and "the container" method. At this point, just cutting the amount of what I have been eating lately will be an improvement.

2. Drink plenty of water - I know I do not get the required daily water intake. Probably, not even close... I will try what my sister has been doing, which is actually keeping a count of how much water she drinks. Thank goodness for apps, like My Fitness Pal, it is easy to log your daily water and food intake. It's also easy to count calories this way. :)

3. Workout - Again, at this point, any activity will be an improvement. I plan on taking advantage of the warm-hot weather.

4. Insta-stalk - They have so many Instagram accounts about fitness that it's hard not to get motivated, especially since the 15 second workout videos make them look so easy. LOL. But I don't just plan on stalking fitness based instagrams, I also plan on stalking my girl crushes to get inspired. I know "envy" is one of The Seven Deadly Sins, but what's a little envy if it's going to make you work harder, and be better, as long as you're not hurting others in the process? Okay, maybe "envy" is not the word I am looking for, but you know what I mean.

5. Blog - How is sitting on my ass, typing going to help me lose weight? It won't, but it will motivate me to keep going if I log my progress. But then again, Project 365 was somewhat of a failure, so we'll see... No, I have to think positively... It will keep me motivated.  I just have to remember this success: 52 Week Challenge.

I'm sure I will think of more things to add to this list, but for now, this will suffice. I do not want to overwhelm myself before I even really start. But if you have any suggestions, or ideas, I am open to them.

How do you plan on losing weight?

How did you lose, and keep, the weight off?

Will you join me on this journey?



  1. Let's do my Fitness Friday again and record our progress for the week!

    1. Great idea! When are you going to start yours?


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