Friday, May 8, 2015

"My moment..."

Have you ever seen that weight loss commercial about a woman and her "moment?" Her "A-HA" moment of when she realized that she needed to lose weight? I want to say, it was a Weight Watchers commercial... I can't be sure, but that's besides the point...
My point is... I've been bad... very, very bad. The last few months, not only had I neglected this blog, I had also neglected my weight...

When it's a struggle to put on, or take off, your rings, or when your "boyfriend" jeans look and fit more like "skinny" jeans, then there's no denying it... the "extra" pounds need to go. Those were my moments... It's time to get my weight under control again, and I'm more serious than ever. (And yes, apparently, I needed two "A-HA" moments! LOL.)

My two main problems are overeating and not working out enough. I am an emotional eater, more so when I am happy than sad though... But being sad, or in my case, happy, is not an excuse to overeat. I realize that it will be a struggle, but I am ready to watch and limit what I consume. I need to lose 15 lbs! (More like 16.6 to be exact... LOL.)

This will be much easier had I just been blessed with "skinny" genes, but I have not... Or if I were one of those hardcore gym buffs, but I, unfortunately, am not either... I did go to the gym regularly at one point, but that feels like another lifetime. LOL. I currently do not have a gym membership, nor do I have plans on getting one. I figured there are ways around getting the workout I need, especially since I am just starting back up. Once the flow gets going, then I'll reconsider it, but for now, I can make do with other activities, like rollerblading, cycling, or just dancing around the house. :)

So, here's to not overeating and working out... Wish me luck!


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